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For over 20 years, the fully qualified and reliable team at Tipper Tarps have been designing, fabricating, and selling a wide range of waterproof custom tarp systems that are made to order to the specifications of our valued clients.

Heavy duty and offering complete protection from wet, dry, and windy conditions, our truck roll over tarps are made to provide reliable cover for loads travelling over long distances. Being custom-made to suit our customer's trucks, our roll over tarps create a tight seal over the top of the trailer, putting a stop to any water seeping inside. To discuss getting an electric roll over power tarp for your truck or trailer call us on 1300 082 777.

Choose from Manually Operated or Electric Tarps for Your Trucks

For the ultimate in safety, all of our roll tarps for trucks are ground operated. Whether you choose a Queensland style roll tarp, a headboard style roll tarp, or combine the best of both worlds with a roll over tarp that features a fabricated pelmet at the front, and a Queensland style flap at the rear, there’s a roll over tarp in the Tipper Tarps range to suit your needs.

For increased speed and safety, you can choose an electric roll tarp with a motorised system that allows you to achieve that watertight seal within moments.

Add Power to Tarp Roll Over Systems and Get Back on the Road Faster

We have put care and thought into every feature of our roll over tarp designs. From the flexible tarp bows, to the easy manual or motor driven roll over systems, we want you to have a tarp that's easy to use, safe, and secure once you're out on the road.

When you choose any of our electric roll tarps, you will be given the choice of a remote control, auxiliary batteries, and electronic controls and cut-outs that make your tarp system safe and simple to operate every day.

Make light work of the heavy duty fully reinforced 900gsm PVC tarp, with the motorised control system that allows you to get water sensitive loads covered faster.



Roll over tarps are the answer for covering water sensitive loads such as grain or fertiliser. The tarp locks up tight as a drum ensuring a waterproof, long lasting cover.


All our Roll Tarp Kits include:

• High Tensile Extended aluminum Roll Pipe.
• Front assistance.
• Heavy duty fully reinforced 900gsm P.V.C. Tarp.
• Quick Release Uni.
• Stainless steel adaptor shaft.
• Extendable handle.
• Flexible Tarp Bows.



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